We eliminate the fear and uncertainty of cyber risk so you can focus on what you do best.

Practitioner-led Cyber Security Services

Why do you need
Cyber Security Services?

Business life these days is full of unprecedented challenges and opportunities: increasing costs, manpower shortages, rising interest rates, supply chain disruption, adopting the ESG agenda, burgeoning post-Covid demand and on top of all this, shareholders are looking for their returns.

Meanwhile, the threats posed by cyber criminals (external) and cyber ignorance (internal) continue to increase, along with the penalties of failing to take these threats seriously enough.

How do you square this circle? Scaling profitably but staying “cyber-safe”? How do you decide where to invest your resources to mitigate the greatest risks?


What do we do?

We call on the practitioners who work daily on the cyber frontline, with cyber services that defend your most precious corporate assets and education programmes to get your employees equipped for the fight.

Our cyber security solutions are created to defend your corporate assets, mitigating risk whilst scaling profitably.

With our industry-leading expertise, we work with public sector organisations, charities, FSTE 100 companies, small and medium enterprises to deliver measurable results.

The Importance of Cyber Security for businesses

Failing to identify and protect against new and emerging threats of cyber security (both internal & external) can be incredibly detrimental to your business.

Allowing these threats to go unchallenged increases the risk to customers, employees and shareholders.

Face these security challenges head on by investing resources into a cyber security programme created by top-of-industry practitioners. Identify and mitigate significant threats, protect and educate employees, and scale your business.

Cyber Security Company

As a cyber security company, we deliver security programmes with proven methodologies that are aligned with our client's business priorities. This includes security leadership and advice, protection of key business assets and the delivery of mission-critical security programmes.

Executive advisory, consultancy and fully managed services are available depending on your requirements.



Our executive advisory services offer a pragmatic approach to cyber risk management, aligning your security risk and compliance with your business goals, company culture and stakeholder requirements.

Cost-effective information security leadership to clients with managed services. With a virtual CISO, you will benefit from education/awareness training to combat threats and managed vulnerability scanning services for continued insight.


Our practioner-led consulting services offer solutions that safeguard you from current and emerging threats.

Why work with us?

With industry-leading expertise and proven methodologies, we deliver successful information security change projects with measurable results.

Our security practitioners include cyber security leaders and former CISO’s who understand the true performance of your security programme in mitigating risk.

We identify the risks that are your biggest threats with independent, objective advice appropriate to your budget so you can focus on the core functions of your business; providing quality services to customers, stakeholders and employees.

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