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Programme & Project Management

Why do you need
Programme & Project Management?

“If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well” – especially if it’s important. We all know the maxim, so why do so few organisations apply it?

The fact is that most programmes and projects fail to meet the original expectations, in terms of budget or timeline or product functionality or all 3. It’s as simple as that.

Why? Usually because the necessary programme and project expertise is not there at the beginning – to plan and structure the endeavour – nor thereafter, to see it through to a successful conclusion.


Why is programme & Project management so important?

If you were to go in for heart surgery, buy a new car or say your wedding vows to someone knowing that there was an 84% chance of failure... would you even bother?

In 2016, Forbes assessed the risk of failure in digital transformation to be 84%. According to McKinsey, BCG, KPMG and Bain & Company, the risk of failure falls somewhere between 70% and 95%

In many cases, reasons for falling short include; having a solid business case that aligns to outcomes, preparing for change, communication and culture, strong project management and governance of outcomes and aligning the right skills and experience to get the job done.

Organisations will require Programme/Project Management & PMO capacity to support their BAU and Transformation activities and whilst a large proportion of businesses are committed to developing their in-house operational capability and capacity, they invariably experience a shortfall, compromising their ability to deliver against the objectives and timelines.

We support our customers balance the shortfall of the ‘here and now’ requirements to deliver, ensuring successful programme delivery against current objectives whilst developing our customer’s capability for the future.


Project Management Framework

Our project management framework incorporates both advisory and delivery services.

The advisory services offer strategy alignment & business value assessment. We assess your readiness to adopt, operate & optimise (RTAOO). This includes business process analysis and change management.

Our delivery services include project assurance & governance, offering project portfolio management & PMO Services, demand & resource management and project & programme management.

We also assess your operational readiness with service scoping & design, and service transition with continual service improvement.

Programme Management Company

As a highly experienced programme management company, we practice what we preach, offering our customers Modular, Flexible and Cost-Effective access to our experience & expertise ‘as a Service’.

The benefits include “On-demand” PMO & Project delivery resources as required throughout the year, designed to complement your in-house team and operation, as well as smoothing out the ‘peaks and troughs’ that place extra pressure on resources and budget.

Each area discipline is delivered by the nominated individuals retaining knowledge and continuity.

For larger and complex engagements, resources can dovetail according to the experience and skills required to increase capacity and capability whilst controlling cost.

Activities are charged using our ‘fractional’ commercial model, allowing you to ‘start & stop the clock’.

The benefits of working with this model are clear to see when compared to a traditional contracted individual or delivery engagement.

Not only does our model ensure comparable costs are vastly reduced, it also improves the flexibility, efficiency and quality of the service provided.

Why work with us? We get the job done!

Our goal is to maximise the value delivered to customers and stakeholders with our experience, independence, know-how and the quality of our personnel and proven delivery capability!

We seek to understand your business and align with your objectives

We focus on the “Challenge ” & the “Outcome ” not the individual

We provide the practical means to get the job done – we are delivery business, not a consultancy firm

We focus on the “Challenge ” & the “Outcome ” not the individual

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