An overview of digital our services and working processes.

DD Guidery

> Strategy – Digital Strategy, Board Level – Digital Management & Advice

> Digital Mapping – Mapping business Digital process, assigning risk and value erosion factors to each component and remediation plans

> Hands on jungle guide, hold your hand oversee change and deliver

DbD – (Digital by Design)

  • Designing the entire Digital capability – production led design approach, Dev / Ops capability, Cloud Native Design
  • Digital / Agile Cultural Transformation
  • Flexible / Agile Resource Delivery models

CaaS or DaaS (Capability as a Service / Deliverables as a Service)

Commodity & Outcome based Services

  • Plug n Play Digital Capability – Prebuilt Resource capability / product production capability (Software factory) – Deliverables / Outcome based service – Projects
  • Basic infrastructure cloud type services – MS365, Hosting, Service Desk, Networks
  • Automation Services – Design, operations – Chat Services etc.
  • Process as a Service – Commodity Business process sourcing – Financial

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