Become a DigiDisruptor

Become a DigiDisruptor

Leverage your experience and network for a lucrative alternative source of income.

You have years of highly credible experience and a network to match, as a Business or Technology leader.

We seek to enable you to monetise your network or experience, helping you think of your network and knowledge as an opportunity for an alternative source of income.

As a DigiDisruptor advisor, we work with you to identify key capability constraints, specific role types, market-focused skill sets, people you know with problems, or trusted suppliers within your network. You then facilitate an introduction and we take the conversation further.

Should any of your referrals lead to any DigiDisruptor partner delivering services to any of your network, then it will result in you receiving a share of any revenue generated. Alternatively, we will often provide our advisors with piecemeal consulting or NED opportunities as our customers require.

Unlock the earning potential of your network and experience today by becoming a DigiDisruptor advisor.

Contact us now to start monetising your connections and gain access to exclusive consulting and NED opportunities