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What is DigiDisruptor?

The digital catalyst to optimising spend, reducing digital risk, accelerating value and providing digital flexibility through enterprise level digital guidance and capability.

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Digital Transformation for SMEs

  • Optimising Spend
  • Reducing Digital Risk

  • Accelerating Value


The DigiDisruptor method to evaluating digital risk and developing digital strategy.

Digital Assessment

Using a simple set of best practice resources, we produce an assessment of digital risk and value erosion within the organisation.

  • No evidence of digital skills at board level.

  • No discernible digital strategy from annual report.

  • Evidence of the continuous outsourcing of development roles.

Digital Diagnosis

From the digital assessment we produce a diagnosis, outlining the opportunities for digital improvement and optimisation.

  • Digital road map for change.

  • Commercial road map for the reduction of digital risk and value erosion.

Digital Strategy

Digital By Design – Designing the entire digital capability from product engineering, dev/ops capability, cloud native design, cultural transformation, resource delivery and supporting business structures.

  • Capability as a service – Providing basic “keep the lights on services” at a commodity price.
  • Bringing Corporate type commercials to the SME Market with business minded, technology expertise that not only advises but manage delivery.

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