Capability as a Service

Capability as a Service

Our curated partner ecosystem delivers outcomes faster and more efficiently.

Trying to hire resources to deliver your Digital strategy BUT they’re not available or too costly?

If your hiring strategy hasn’t worked, it’s time to consider an alternative

An unfamiliar path may feel risky, but the real risk lies with traditional ways that haven’t delivered. Being successful in the digital realm requires re-thinking the “hiring-only” approach.

By disrupting the traditional methods of acquiring capability, alternatives can improve efficiency, lower operating costs, deliver faster results and significantly increase net profits –in other words, a new approach will help organisations scale profitably.

Hiring resources is just one way to achieve an objective.

BUT what’s the objective?
It’s time to disrupt the way we think about talent acquisition.

Talent doesn’t always come in the form of a person, and in many cases, it’s not necessarily a person you are seeking -it’s an outcome. The outcome is all that really matters.

Recruiting teams of people creates the illusion of control but in reality does nothing to guarantee delivery timescales nor the cost of the deliverable. DigiDisruptor’s curated partner ecosystem will lower the risk of delivering an outcome, at a predictable timescale and cost.

Chances are that you need more than a single skillset.

Any transformation is a programme of work requiring a broad range of specialist skills which most organisations don’t have on staff and will likely not need for the long-term.

For example, the necessary programme and project management skills will be needed at the outset for design and then in varying degrees throughout the transformation. Acquiring this critical skillset as a service that matches the resource profile of the programme is clearly more efficient.

As digital matchmakers, we broker conversations with our broad and carefully selected partner ecosystem, to deliver breakthrough technologies and innovative solutions for sustainable growth, all within a contracted time frame

Our Promise

With our diverse partner ecosystem of industry experts, we can deliver breakthrough technologies and innovative solutions for sustainable growth.

Trusted Ecosystem

Our trusted ecosystem has been
carefully curated to offer extensive
capabilities for complete digital

Unparalleled Partners

Our partners bring together
unparalleled, highly experienced
advisory and delivery expertise.
We’ve done the due diligence.

Enterprise-Level Capability

This enterprise-level capability assesses
every function and process of your
business to create value and increase
productivity to scale profitably.

Aligned Delivery

Our aligned delivery process ensures
that we can progress quickly to offer
you advanced capabilities for enduring

Our Services

Ready to disrupt your traditional approach to talent acquisition and achieve your digital strategy objectives more efficiently and profitably?

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Let’s work together to deliver breakthrough technologies and innovative solutions for sustainable growth.