The Business Need

Our client is one of the leading financial product and services rating agencies. They rely heavily on multiple large data sources to provide consumers with rating of financial products. The new CEO initially approached us to acquire full-time product development resources but, after completing the DigiDisruptor discovery workshop focused on reviewing their new strategy, we uncovered an opportunity to quickly monetise existing data.

Working With DigiDisruptor

With support from our data science partner, this has led to a re-defined and re-prioritised 3-year strategy accompanied by accelerated financial return.

Results & Impact

Our client has the prospect of earlier financial return which will help smooth the impact on their bottom-line during a period of heavy investment. This has also enabled more positive messaging to prospective investors. The availability of the DigiDisruptor ecosystem has given our client confidence that the necessary resources are available to meet the new product development schedule and that this can be achieved with manageable risk.

Key DigiDisruptor Services leveraged for the client:

  • Advisory
  • Partner Eco System engagement – Business Strategy & Data Experts