The Business Need

A Global Insurance Company approached us for help acquiring a large number of contract resources to help deploy a mission-critical insurance management system. We worked with one of our DigiDisruptor ecosystem partner organisations to demonstrate the value of acquiring external capability as a service with contractually committed deliverables, consistent ways of working and common tools.

Working With DigiDisruptor

In compliance with our client’s internal procurement process, we supported a competitive tendering process which our partner won. The project is now underway even though our client has since been acquired, demonstrating the solidity of our business case.

Results & Impact

The project will be implemented with reduced risk of slippage due to the contractually-guaranteed service levels and at 20% reduced cost. There will also be less management bandwidth required to manage the team. Working with DigiDisruptor has also educated our client in how best to manage 3rd party resources – a skill they will re-use in the future.

Key DigiDisruptor Services leveraged for the client:

  • Advisory
  • Partner Eco System engagement
  • Transition planning and execution