The Business Need

The CEO of a Global Music Tracking platform initially wanted our help providing additional software development capability to clear a backlog of product upgrades.  Initial discussions quickly highlighted that the ‘real’ strategic question was, “How do we maximise the value of our data and improve our bottom-line”?

Working With DigiDisruptor

Following our structured 3 hour discovery workshop with the executive team, utilising selected expert partners from the DigiDisruptor ecosystem, a series of strategic scenarios which combine internal and external data, were addressed.

A number of experimental “proofs of concept” have been launched and are now being monitored and evaluated. Once this process is complete, our ecosystem partners are on standby to build, deliver and support the chosen solution at speed.

Results & Impact

Our client is already headed in a new and different strategic direction, having understood the “Art”of the possible, with the likelihood of material near-term business value accruing to the bottom-line.

Key DigiDisruptor Services leveraged for the client:

  • Advisory
  • Partner Eco System engagement – Business Strategy & Data Experts