Most organisations would agree that one of their biggest challenges is finding the technical capability they need. Clearly, this is a symptom of demand significantly exceeding supply (compounded by the disruption of the capability supply chain) but it is more than this. 

The finite supply of capability has been further exposed by a simple, some would say, “simplistic” approach to acquiring capability. Namely that recruitment of employees is the only, or at least, the preferred option. Alternative sources are only pursued as a last resort. Too often, this strategy is adopted because it is only one that the acquiring organisation has experienced and it creates the illusion of control.

Adopt a new tech capability strategy

This outdated strategy ignores the fact that the tech capability marketplace has changed for good – accelerated (but not caused) by the Pandemic.

There is a huge demand for remote working flexibility, just as physical supply chains are being re-configured globally. 

The truth is that there is so much more capability available if other sources are considered and recruitment is seen as just one, but not the only source. For example, there are the traditional service providers who still hoover up a large percentage of technical talent and the expanding open market of freelancers. 

What strategy should you choose?

The trick is to adopt a blended (rather than binary) capability strategy. This strategy should have all the options in play to create the level of flexibility and value that most organisations seek. And, yes, some options may be new and unfamiliar, but if the current approach simply doesn’t work, because it’s too slow, too costly and too uncertain, then surely it’s time to look at an alternative strategy.

How can we help?

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