Process Mining

Why do you need Process Mining Services?

Whether you are operating Global Business Services or Shared Services Centres, you want to know where resources can be optimised to improve service quality and reduce costs. This is even more important as margins are further squeezed and workforces are even more dispersed, post-pandemic. Our process mining tools will quickly identify where resources should be re-deployed and up-skilled and where automation – in whatever form – can make a transformational difference.

Clients have seen material savings – over $2.7m on average – and significant automation increases – 34% is the norm. The tools are easy, quick and safe to install and normally yield a 3 month ROI, which will keep any CEO or CFO happy.

The Evolution of Process Mining

We help businesses to discover and accelerate their transformation potential with our expert strategy and execution. By harnessing the power of our extensive partner ecosystem, we can help you adopt change quickly and revolutionise your processes.

This goes beyond traditional process mining by harnessing the power of AI. Take advantage of instant insights into the process reality of your business and prioritised automation recommendations.

New transformation possibilities like standardisation, automation or centralisation are highlighted, bringing significant value to our clients to revolutionise their operating models. Our world-class process and automation experts create realistic business care recommendations to optimise your processes.

Digital Transformation Mining

To boost your productivity, you need insight into your potential capacity. Opportunities for growth are realised by data driven recommendations, which enables businesses to release funding into realistic transformation projects with measurable results.

A platform that delivers fast results and rapid implementation without a lengthy manual app-by-app integration is key to transforming your processes. Next generation process mining gives key insights into both your people and the technology you are using. Discovering the potential augmentation of your processes highlights the necessity of a successful transformation program.

Shared Service Centres

The management of SSCs can be challenging. Remote workforces have to keep pace with ever-changing business functions and service requests. Your processes must align with your core business functions to meet challenging KPIs. And often, technologies should be optimised at scale to enable fast, profitable growth.

The partners we work with offer people-centric, real-time visibility of operations from day one. The people, processes and technology of your GBS are monitored so you can augment your workforce quickly at scale.

Your digital journey will be supported, offering everything from standard ops monitoring to advanced support for co-creation by your digitally augmented workforce.

Why work with us?

We help you to grow your enterprise quickly by aligning your core strengths with a rapidly changing market. Where there are challenges, we see opportunities for growth.

Offering innovative solutions and increased capabilities, we can help you to transform your business to scale profitably.

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